Brickwork services delivering the highest quality of materials, leadership and workmanship

BBW GROUP LTD Organisations Ltd has made brickwork services second nature, and we take pride in offering a high-quality service on every project we work on, from start to end. We can acquire access to any hard-to-reach region and take on any project, no matter how difficult it is, thanks to our specialized rope access skills.

From the early planning and development to the final brick poured, we understand how important it is to constantly supply the greatest quality materials, leadership, and workmanship to our clients. Our objective is to consistently deliver excellence and excellent customer service. Our ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification merely reaffirms our commitments.

When it comes to executing brickwork services projects, BBW GROUP LTD Organisations Ltd believes that health and safety is critical, not just for individual personnel, but also for the company’s reputation and its clients. We have built a reputation for health and safety that we believe is unrivaled in the business.

Services for Brickwork

  • A wide spectrum of clients benefit from our bespoke service, which is adapted to their individual requirements.
  • We work on chimneys, schools, hospitals, industrial complexes, hotels, and multi-story flats, among other things.
  • We perform renovations, alterations, repairs, and upkeep.
  • We have a team of experts who understand the importance of grade listed and historic repair.
  • A dust extraction vacuum service is available, as well as a dust-free hurricane grinding shroud.

We Provide Brickwork Services

  • Only an emergency call out service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • All types of construction are addressed, including brickwork, blockwork, and masonry.
  • At any height, we provide a complete supply and installation service.

Project for dust-free grinding and sealing

When grinding out joints prior to pointing on a structure, a large amount of dust is produced, posing a risk of dust inhalation not only for the works performing the task, but also for passers-by. Not to mention the dirt and grime that the dust will leave behind on the building or the ground beneath it. This is especially problematic when operating on public structures such as hotels or offices.

BBW GROUP LTD can solve this problem by employing cutting-edge specialty grinders, shrouds, and dust extraction equipment that leave no dust behind.

This ensures that there is no debris or dust on site at any time during the project, allowing the building to function normally during the construction period, with no influence or costs on the inhabitants’ or owners’ day-to-day works.

After that, the joints were filled with a one-part, moisture-curing, elastic joint sealant that was ideal for both movement and connection joints. Almost 8000 linear works of joints were ground out and re-sealed over the course of three weeks on this job, which was completed using cradles.

Please see the photo below for an example of ground out tiles that were then power cleaned with a 3000psi power wash to ensure that all facades were clean and ready to be sealed.