Apartments & Villas

There are different types of housing structures based on different things. Apartments and villas are some of the types. We explore what each category represents and why people may be interested in them. In case you are interested, there are villas for sale in moraira.

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An apartment is a single housing unit, usually self-sufficient, that occupies a section of a building. Most apartments are classified based on the number of bedrooms in some parts of the world, according to the number of square feet each unit occupies and also according to the target clientele. For example, there 2 bed, 3 bed, 4 bed apartments. There are also luxurious apartments and those that target the normal middle class working citizens.

Why do people stay in apartments?

Living in an apartment can be cheaper compared to a stand-alone house in the suburbs. This may be because of the shared service charges and the location. The utilities may also be lower compared to those of a villa and therefore affordable to many people. People may also stay in these types of buildings due to their close proximity to their work areas or social amenities. Purchasing apartments in most cases is cheaper than purchasing a villa or stand-alone houses.

There is safety in numbers and apartments have several layers of security measures that make them more secure. It is easier for thieves to think about robbing a villa or a house in its own compound as opposed to a block of apartments where there are likely to be lots of people at any given time. It is also easier to gain access to a villa than to an apartment given the layered security for housing units found in blocks.

Apartment blocks may also have additional facilities such as a gym, a swimming pool, extra storage areas, entertainment areas and facilities, barbeque areas and so on. Residents usually have free or subsided fee access to these facilities for their personal use.


A villa is a large, stand-alone house with luxurious amenities and fixtures usually preferred as holiday and vacation homes by the rich or regular homes for those who are ultra-rich. The villas vary in size and can therefore host anything from a small family to a large group of rich travellers for a specified duration of time. The villas may come with a group of service staff upon request or the occupants could choose to hire independently depending on how long they are willing to stay.

Why people stay in villas

They provide the privacy that is hard to come by in shared housing units. This is mainly because the house is in its own compound. Villas are also bigger and can be luxurious compared to apartments. Besides, it is easier for owners to customise their houses to their liking including carrying out major renovations on the structure of the house to meet your needs something that may be hard to achieve with an apartment.

Most villas have a luxurious feel to them ensuring that the guests get the feeling of a luxurious hotel but with greater privacy. The villas are usually larger than most family homes and can have up to 20 rooms. They also have high end amenities such as large swimming pools, large and well maintained gardens, in-house gyms, water fountains and so on.

How are villas constructed?

Villas usually require high quality designs that are usually customised based on the needs of the owner. The designs usually incorporate high end construction materials fixtures and fittings in order to ensure that the end product is at par with the expectations. The work may then be outsourced to renowned construction gurus or companies who work under strict supervision to ensure that the work done is of great quality and that high quality materials are used. Most construction workers must have a wealth of experience in building villas to be chosen for the job.